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Spit me out

We started the night in an alley behind the Ken Club. (I hate that they are playing the Ken…)I smell piss, and the apartments buildings built in the early 50’s look as if they might fall in on us. The boys have their 40s and I, being the lush that I am, have a Snapple peach ice tea! I keep looking up into the window of an old apartment building to be sure the people I see moving around in there aren’t going to call the cops on us.
We hear Mannequin Piss playing (I don't really care for them live. Their record is okay though...) when they’re done we’ll go in.
At the risk of sounding nerdy, I have to say I’m giddy at the chance to see The Spits again! I’ve seen ‘em twice before. The first time I saw them twice in one night. The last time my hubby’s old band, The veXors played with em. So yeah. You could say I’m a fan. I know I’m so uncool for saying so…thank god I’m through bein cool!
So it gets quiet and the boys are done with their beers, I’m so ready to rock out that it takes all I got to keep from telling the guys to hurry the fuck up!! It had been a shitty week; a car crash…some crazy dude telling me about how nutzo he is over me…. I needed to let some aggression out

Inside, as always, the place is packed. Loud music is crowding the air. Kids with dyed hair dressed in ultra hip tight pants held up by white belts crowd the floor. If I wasn’t so ampped, I would be claustrophobic. The Spits are milling around, testing their equipment, and drinking. But they don’t take long to go on.
Tonight the Wood brothers are in their Regan masks! The drummer is in a statue of liberty mask, and … I hate to admit that I don’t remember what the NEW (wonder why they got rid of Joey…) keyboard player is wearing. Maybe he was the statue of liberty….?
Their sound? Think retarded Ramones, Devo, and a six-pack of beer in a rusty blender, very raw, and very fun. They start with Witch Hunt. And finally, I get to move! All the pent up stress exploding while I yell along, glad the music is loud and no one can hear my shitty voice. They have their smoke machine going, and are full of the energy I need to fuel my own.
Somewhere between I Hate Pussy and a new song called Wendy O, my tit falls out of the stupid pink shirt I’m wearing, it manages to stay mostly in my bra, though. I look down, and wonder who else saw and how long it’d been that way before pulling the shirt back over my exposed skin. About that same time, The Spits blow a speaker! The crowed persuades Erin, the bass player, to sing a few more songs after their time on stage is up. (he does this every show I’ve been to, yell out “one more!”, and he’ll convince his band mates to do just one more over and over again…just another reason we love The Spits!) I know I’m spoiled from the first night I saw them, once at the Che Café, then above Scolari's Office at a sort of house party. It was over two hours of bunny ears, dead cowboys and raw punk! Now half an hour seems like a rip off! Oh well, I’ll see em again next time! Maybe they’ll play more than once then. Then I’ll get to rock out with my tit out twice in one night!! I’d pay twice!
We hung out for a while after the show, bought a new CD 19 Million A.C. It’s got some cool versions of old songs. Let Us Play Your Party is way rad! Heh...rad. Beat My Head is my favorite new one! (If you haven’t seen the DVD then you should!) And I’ve always LOVED Shitty World and am stoked to have it on cd!
So yeah…it was very fun! I wish I lived in Seattle so I could see em more often…and be far away from the psycho boy stalking me!
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