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this post sux

Work, well I do the job of a Children's Librarian, I get paid $10.40 an hour no sick or vacation time, I was refused the raise I was told I would get upon taking the extra work load. The new woman we hired is scared of children, and the other woman has major issues with me being in control. Right now, I have very little desire to do a good job...but I still do.

I am going to see Elvis Costello tonight and I have a major head cold. But fuck it! If I was bleeding out my ears I'd still go.

My husband is on a huge Ryan Adams kick right now. I will say that I really like the Heartbreaker album. I really really do. But not much else. And I have to hear it all the damn time. I'm losing my mind. But we all have our strange musical secrets. I'll spill mine cuz on one reads this anyway. I used to be a HUGE Skid Row fan. Back when I was young and watched MTV and listened to the radio. I don't listen anymore, but the shadow will always hang over me. So to get back to what I was saying, to punish my hubby for Ryan, I listen to Tori Amos, who he hates. (a lot of people hate her, i know) It's musical warfare. The worst part is, there are plenty of bands that we both really like. But when I get home and he's got Ryan on, I've got to do him one better. LOL It's a vicious cycle. Maybe I should be the one to break it and throw on some DEVO or Adverts...or Ex-ray Specks. I think I'm too bullheaded for that though.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah. so, I'm done writing now. Gotta take some drugs.
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